We explore
uncharted spaces.

We are about to enter the sixth era of advancement and change.

The era of Innovation.

Where the single biggest risk is inertia. And the single biggest advantage is smarts.

A new era requires a new way of thinking. 

A new type of SMART.


Innovation is about creating something new. Which, by definition requires new thinking.

Our thinking is based on working with organisations to find their Points of Inertia - the factors in their organisation which are the true barriers to innovation, and then figure out the strategic imperatives which can force them in the right direction.

Our process looks at three distinct factors:

  • Business SMART

    Understanding the opportunity and the barriers within the organisation - its cultural reality.

    Our goal is to build a business strategy that addresses the true issue or opportunity. We focus on Identifying the inertia inside the organisation that is blocking innovation and progress.

  • People SMART

    Identifying the required behaviour change to get people on-board: building momentum internally and externally.

    We do this by understanding the true strategic imperatives: What is truly going to change people’s behaviour? This also requires examining both internal and external communications platforms.

  • Brand SMART

    Examining the products and services which define the brand, and the ecosystem needed to sustain meaningful innovation.

    Developing innovation requires more than just creating new products and services to support the growth of your brand. It is essential that we are reaching people in moments of receptivity and engagement.

Smart thinking means looking at the whole picture, and understanding how to create meaningful progress. We then build an ecosystem based on the true strategic imperatives.

SMART tools
SMART tools

SMART is ready.

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