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Innovation is more than just our focus – it’s a fundamental belief that for any organisation to thrive in today’s environment, innovation has to move from being a deliverable to a part of the culture – at the very core of how the organisation works. 

We call this Integrated Innovation.

It means embracing change, being prepared to break down barriers and exploring the uncharted spaces that sit outside of the comfort zone.

Business Consulting

Working with businesses and organisations to help them define their future is at the heart of Smart. But Business Consulting is not about offering philosophical musings or abstract advice - it’s about providing practical working solutions to help organisations identify and act on the opportunities they face.

It starts with working to help you identify the right path to innovation for you. But understanding the cultural environment both inside your organisation and in your markets we can optimise the ways your people and process work to deliver genuine innovation - the kind of new that leads to breakthroughs.

But getting to new is not enough - it needs to get to market to make a difference. The business impact of successful go-to-market strategies ensures that innovation is working for your business not just inside it.

These innovation strategies are not limited to creating new products, we also believe in the power of true brand innovation - especially for those brands that are looking beyond a facelift to undergo real transformation. Brand renewal is about understanding the things that really make a brand valuable to its consumers - and finding ways to amplify that need in its story, its design and its promise.

At the end of the day any brand is at it’s best when it is simply the sum of its actions. Innovation applied to the business model itself allows clients to ensure that their products and services are not delivered effectively but connect with their consumers through actions that work hard and make the right statement.

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Innovation Strategies

Innovation Strategies

  • Innovation Audits
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Culture and Trend Analysis
Go-to-Market Strategies

Go-to-Market Strategies

  • (Re) Launch Planning
  • Channel Strategies
  • Points-of-Transaction Planning
Brand Renewal

Brand Renewal

  • Brand Interrogation
  • Brand Meaning Development
  • Consumer Connection Mapping
Business Model Development

Business Model Development

  • Business Innovation Strategies
  • Brand Action Points

Digital Transformation

Digital is no longer just a communication channel, it’s a way of connecting organisations and people to create meaningful interactions. Finding this meaning is critical to understanding how digital can be a transformative force within your business. It means not only being on top of not only what technology can do for your organization, but why it will matter for your users.

Being Smart in Digital means not only embracing innovation, but integrating the technology that makes it possible at every possible point of transaction. We work with clients to help them make new technology work, by making it work for people, both inside and outside their organisation.

To understand the true power of technology to transform, we must understand the data we have to find the right path forward. We work with data and system teams to find the insights that can truly deliver transformation - based on real, tangible business drivers.

All of which gives us the smarts to build digital activation plans which reach people who matter with messages that matter. We look at content activation differently - it has to be connected to a way of generating these meaningful interactions - get people to click, get people to play and get people to buy.

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Technology Integration

Technology Integration

  • System and Process Reviews
  • Consumer Readiness Validation
  • Tech Integration Mapping
Data & Systems Analysis

Data & Systems Analysis

  • Data Insight Development
  • Data and Systems Optimisation
Content Activation

Content Activation

  • Message & Content Hierarchies
  • Content Activation Mapping
  • Content Design & Development

Big D Design

Design is no longer defined by how things look. Instead we believe the smart future of design is in redefining how things work - and more importantly work together. We come to what we call “Big D Design” from the perspective of designing the full ecosystem in which a product, service - or even entire organisation - will live.

Our design process builds on the power of design thinking, optimised to operate at the speed of business today. It allows us to deliver new product innovation at speed, but driven by the right insights to maximise the chance of success. From prototyping, testing and designing we drive not only the product but also surround it with the marketing ecosystem it needs to thrive.

For Design to truly be smart, it also has to be human-centered. Not as a separate discipline but at the core of our design offerings. Service design - how we choose to interact with our consumers and users - is essential for organisations wanting to create not only more efficient processes, but deeper and more meaningful connections.

It all adds up to designing the kind of consumer experiences that drive business performance. Digital, retail, engagement, customer service - creating experiences that are consistently best-in-class - because they provide what consumers need. We help consumers navigate your brand to outcomes where everyone wins.

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New Product Innovation

New Product Innovation

  • Product Concept Development
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Testing and Validation
  • Go-to-Market
Service Design

Service Design

  • Service Optimisation
  • New Services Development
  • Implementation and Training
Consumer Experiences

Consumer Experiences

  • Consumer Engagement Platforms
  • Ecosystem Development
  • Retail Engagement Strategies
  • Engagement Platform Implementation

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